Do you love your life? Are you feeling uninspired? Are you seeking a fun and fresh perspective?

Available in May 2018

A bit about me:

Kristi peck is a Spiritual Teacher and Intuitive.  She has been teaching for well over 25 years.  In addition, she is a writer and an honest storyteller.  Her stories and her wisdom captivate audiences and allow for the authenticity of each individual to flourish.  She uses her intuitive nature to guide an audience seeking understanding from everyday experiences and challenges.  Kristi offers perspective, compassion and a loving spirit as she inspires an audience to choose love and live out their dreams.

Kristi’s warmth and vulnerability as she shares her journey of self-discovery will enable you to awaken your truth, open your heart and begin your own journey.  Her deep connection with spirit and her ability to communicate with loved ones in the afterlife are additional gifts she offers to her clients.

Kristi lives in St. Louis, Missouri with her husband and their four children. She is devoted to leading a love – inspired life by example.