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Kristi Peck

My MISSION - to inspire people to seek freedom and healing.

Kristi Peck - Transformational Mentor.
Coming Home - A Love Story

Coming Home: A Love Story Reviews…


-Pam W.

“A true love story!”

- Becky S.

“A beautiful invitation.”

- Val K.


Have you wondered, “Who Am I?” or “What is happening?”

One experience can create a silo of self-inflicting pain and suffering while also becoming a source for healing and love.

I believe we are here - 

to embrace growth – This is what activates our life. It encompasses all actions and non-actions that involve movement, energy, stillness, strength, and courage. 
to be the change – Let go of resistance and evolve into the unlimited, and, sometimes…into the unknown. It will be a powerful influence and a whole lot of fun.
to brave confidence – Our life is meant to be a joyous adventure. And the hallmark of this daily freedom is courage and bravery. From this our personal power is free to exist. Risks don’t have to be scary.
✦ to say YES – Focus on what matters in our life.  Stay aware to what energizes our heart, mind and soul so we can live authentically. Lean into less and feel the more within our life. 
to Notice - Paying attention is our super power. Our life expands as we become aware of the details in life, in others, and in things. By doing so, our life is joy-FULL.

My vision is my mission for me and for YOU.

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About Kristi Peck - Mentor and Coach

Kristi Peck is an Intuitive Healer, a Spiritual Teacher & an Author.

She has been teaching, mentoring , and helping others heal for well over 25 years. She is a writer and an honest storyteller. Her stories and intuitive wisdom captivate. She is devoted to helping women seek the freedom to be who they are and experience healing and a healthy life from a lens of gratitude and compassion. With an open perspective and a loving spirit, Kristi inspires others to heal, choose love, live authentically and align to their truth. Kristi’s warmth and vulnerability create a safe space to open your heart and begin your own journey of self-discovery. Her deep connection with spirit and her ability to communicate with loved ones in the afterlife are additional gifts she brings with her.