Day #1 of Learn with Me

 “What you risk reveals what you value.” – Jeanette Winterson


One year ago on this very day, I embarked on a journey of vulnerability.  Lesson #1 of learn with me is the very act of vulnerability.

Opening your deepest secrets – those emotions surrounding experiences – is like standing naked in a grocery store.  Do you get the image? Even as I say it and write it, I get a bit of a flurry of wanting to shelter myself from that kind of exposure.

 Writing Coming Home:  A Love Story (available at was definitely a journey and one that led me through the dark tunnels of what it means to be vulnerable. Vulnerability is a risky gesture and it is a choice. Each step of writing those words on the paper was a choice to be risky, to get in those dark tunnels and pull out the exact story to share. A choice!

 Writing is a freewill offering and vulnerability is how you begin to color the pages of your offering so that you meet people where they are.  It shouts to the world from the rooftops, “I see you experiencing that…feeling this…hiding from…I get it!” Writing builds community and gathers your people…the ones who need what YOU have to offer…your message, your purpose, your insights, your wisdom!

And we need more of seeing others and sharing in the mutual feelings and emotions instead of shoving them undercover. No more hiding. Vulnerability is the prozac of the new age.

 Vulnerability became a badge of honor. Yes, it was uncomfortable to write my most sacred experiences and words!  Yes, it was scary to openly indulge others in my precious work! Yes, it was very risky to reveal the dark corners of my heart!

Dr. Brene Brown says, “We don’t get to courage without going through vulnerability first.”


Boy is that incredibly accurate!!!

The vulnerability I acquired as a result of writing my story and sharing it with the world unleashed my guidepost of courage. I didn’t realize how much I truly value living a courageous life

 How about you?

 Do you want to own your life in the most magical of ways?

Ever desire to be a writer?

Or ever desire to share your story with others in the most authentic way?


Unlock your vulnerability so you can unleash the courage you already have in your heart, mind and soul.

 I learned vulnerability with a bit of SAS – SMALL ACTION STEPS!!!!

 I’m all about us shining our SAS when it is needed and now is the time for us to shine our SAS onto the world.  The invitation is awaiting for us to make our way as the courageous beings we were meant to be. 

 SMALL ACTION STEPS!  That is your SAS! 

Every day, play…try…put one foot in front of the other…and make a move.  Think of it much like a baby begins to take those first few steps in to the unknown. You, too, can reach vulnerability and courage by choosing to act every day in one small way.

Believe me, it will feel uncomfortable at first.  Keep acting and taking those steps into the unknown. 

 Here are some fun ways to practice SAS , get you out of your comfort zone and be vulnerable –

Try a new food.  Wash your feet in the shower before your face.  Tell someone you love them to their face.  Thank a worker in a store you go to often.  Leave your house through the front door instead of the garage door. Drive a different route to work. Watch a show you’ve never seen.  Attend a concert that you have no interest in just to show up and observe. Compliment a stranger. 


Whatever small steps you choose to act upon each day will be enough, and watch how over the course of a week, weeks, or months…YOU will BECOME your most COURAGEOUS self by way of risking the inside of YOU – your heart, mind and soul!

 Try it.  I think you’re going to like it!!

 If you find you struggle with this type of risk taking and you deeply desire a more conscious life, let me know.  I’m here to help women, just like you live a conscious lifestyle with joy and fun!!

If you have a desire to be a writer, check out how I can help you get started with vulnerability and courage so you can share your most precious YOU with the world!  The world needs YOU!



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