Day #2 of Learn with Me

What do you want?

 This question haunted me, or rather my heart, for so long.  I would look, and try, and say YES to so many things. Yet, each one never provided that FULL feeling I was searching for.

 And…then…the day came…when I was sitting and chatting with a friend.  She mentioned writing a book.  Of course, she kept saying to me (literally over and over), “You have books in you!” 


Some tiny spark of a sparkle came within my heart that day as I sat in a meeting about writing a book. 

Day #2 Learn with Me is about AWAKENING. 

It’s like a coming of age movement.  The only difference is that it does not exist outside of you, around the town or world you live in.  An awakening is a freedom movement WITHIN the depths of your soul. 

And, YES, it is as scary and exhilarating as it sounds.  A movement.  A freedom march.  A soul resurrecting.  An awakening.

Wayne Dyer wrote, “To locate and express this joyful bandwidth, first find it inside yourself.  Everything comes from that invisible place within that wants to expand.”


The learning process of an awakening (AND it is a process) involves coming to a deep understanding that what you want (and what I had deeply desired and could not find anywhere) was JOY, FREEDOM, a CONSCIOUS LIFESTYLE

Awakening occurred with each letter attached to a word, and the words began to have meaning and purpose, and has the language took over to construct a story, I began to take on new perspectives, new beliefs, and new visions.  I really don’t think they were new.  I know these perspectives, beliefs, and visions were always there on the inside within my heart.

All that desire you have lurking within your heart, mind, body and soul is really ALL of YOU wanting to be free, to be happy, and to be alive.  It took writing, Coming Home:  A Love Story ( for me to realize who home was and what home felt like.

It was the me I had been searching for and could not find.

What will it take for you to awaken?


That sparkle I felt when the idea of book writing was presented to me was the light shifting to on and saying to my SELF, “This is it!  This is the moment you were made for!  Say YES and your life will awaken from the slumber you’ve been in for years.”

What will it take for you to say YES fully to you?


It’s much like the Wizard of Oz.  Remember when Dorothy awakes from her slumber – her wildest dream of excitement, of pain, and of a bit uncomfortable existence – to realize she is where she always was, just waking up from the illusion that life was different.  As she opens her eyes, she sees with a new lens of freedom, joy and a consciousness that becomes uplifting. 

 What we seek, desire, yearn for will NEVER be found in anything that is outside of us.  The work is to open the door to our heart, mind, body and soul.  Wake up!


Looking to AWAKEN

Looking for a JOY-FULL life? 

Looking to FREE you from the chains of past regrets, fears, guilt, and obligations?

Looking to unleash your story from the chains of your inner prison? 

Looking to write your story?


Go! Go! Go to the invisible place within you and wake it up!

You deserve the freedom of a conscious lifestyle and the freedom that joy brings to your heart, mind, body and soul!




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