Day #3 of Learn with Me

Who are you?

This is not a trick question nor is it meant to get you all wiggy. Just think about it for a moment.

Here’s is what I’ve chosen to share of my list -


I am a fighter.

I am a highly independent one.

I know what I know and what I want and what I don’t want.

I speak up.

I say what I need to say.

I love a good argument or disagreement as it brings us closer to understanding each other.


THIS list scares others quite often and it, even, scares me.  It is the fierce side of me!  It is the determined side of me!  AND…it can be the dark side of me because it bypasses compassion, and love, and comes from such a fearful existence at times.

Day 3 of Learn with Me is the art of ALLOWING!


Yes, it is an art.  It requires creativity, and molding, and pushing past barriers and form. It is about natural flow and organic rhythm.

Allowing is nourishment to our whole self. 


Our life has seasons.  Remember what it is like when spring comes off the closed up and locked in feeling of winter?  I can’t wait to open a window, get outside in coolness and freshness, and I find myself giddy with childlike energy. You get it right?

 Our life has seasons.  You know how it feels when fall blows in effortlessly off the cusp of the rigid heat of summer.  There is a crisp and even flow of calm and alertness in a much different way.

Allowing is a choice to not fight, not badger, not question, and not tame our inner tigers (that dark side of our true nature).  Allowing is the art of letting whatever needs to reach our heart, mind, body and soul to actually reach and touch and grab hold and never leave.


Coming Home: A Love Story ( was a creation of art. As I typed the words on the paper and as the art of creation was unfolding them in a way I had not EVER recognized (or felt), the air around me felt fresh and crisp.  Much like the seasons of spring and fall.  

Allowing is not always easy.  I actually fought (cause I’m a fighter ya’ know…) it. Fear set in, guilt railroaded my efforts, obligation to everyone else forced its way, and I even walked away a few times during the unfolding of those words, the meaning, and the story. 

 Allowing felt suffocating at first.  I had lost my way.  I had lost my trust in being held by something bigger than me.  I had lost my faith. 

Those little excursions away from my gift of the written word and storytelling were magical and painful. Sparks flew in beautiful iridescent formations as I was being led to see life, and feel life, and be in my life. And each time away from writing Coming Home:  A Love Story brought me back to the words and the telling of THE story (that’s the one that something bigger than me was guiding me to tell) in such a marvelously magical way.


Allowing is a split second heart-felt decision that releases the heaviness and welcomes in the lightness of experiences and of moments.


Allowing is pre-empted with a foundation of YES!  I could not allow if I was not feeling YES for me, seeing YES in me and others, honoring YES as a way of life, and trusting that YES to whatever was coming in was exactly as it should be for me and my growth and my life.


“Now and then, you need to open all the doors and windows of your heart and soul, and you need to let the spirit of God blow through you!”  -Quaker Tradition


We have to allow the “doors and windows” of our hearts, mind, body and soul to be open. 

What are you scared of?


What are you afraid will happen?


What are you pushing away?


These are the places where you need to open your “doors and windows” and ALLOW in anything and everything that will bring you your desires. 


The art of allowing is flirty.  Have fun with the unknown.  Be so ever present with the now that you can see, feel and be okay with what comes next.  It’s as if next does not exist.  The only real thing is in the now.

 The art of allowing a story to be written and shared with the world taught me how to have more fun with experiences (even those that seemed heavy), how to release what did not serve me, and how to flirt with the unknown. 


The art of allowing the words and the meaning of Coming Home:  A Love Story shifted me to a higher world-view that showed me ALL of life.  It’s the pink roses and fairytales; it’s the black leather and heavy chains; it’s the peace and equality; it’s the rigidity and rules; and it’s the only way to wholeness and fullness of JOY, FREEDOM, and a CONSCIOUS LIFESTYLE.


Allowing brings a wealth of harmony. 


Go open your “doors and windows” to your heat, mind, body and soul! 

Go! Go! Go!

ALLOW in to unfold as it should be for you to see, to feel and to be ALL of who you are meant to be and ALL of the way your life is to be!


And, if you need help from someone who gets it and someone who knows, I am here for you! Allow me to be your opener!  So many ways to allow you and me working together – go to my work with me page.

Allow your-self to the magic of freedom and joy that so consciously want to be a part of your life!



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