Day #5 of Learn with Me

It is what it is.

 Do you believe this statement?  Do you trust it in all the moments that exist for you?


How we tackle the hard and challenging aspects of our lives speaks volumes as to how we receive the comforts blessed to us in our life.


Do you see hard things as obstacles to overcome?

That is exactly how I used to be.  I would freak out, yell, scream, and get downright nasty at the episodes that did not go my way.  I found it rough and tough to leap over that hurdle when it was presented to me.

 I’m sure you can envision the adult temper tantrum in full on mode.  And that was me!  Quite often, in fact.

 Yesterday was day #5 of Learn with Me and I was in the midst of a “bump” in the road. In the swirling of the uncomfortable emotions that had surfaced and the “bruising” that was occurring, I decided to just BE in it.  Therefore, I did not share my day #5 learning.


Proverbs says, “The obstacle is the path.”


Interesting, huh?


Day #5 of Learn with Me is ACCEPTANCE.  And I’m still learning this one!


ACCEPTANCE is the simple act of love we give to who we are by way of consenting to the receiving.


Now, if you are like me (which we are more alike than different), I only like to receive good things, happy things, gifts, treats, and experiences that bring me joy. AND, I DO NOT want to receive anything that is icky and feels icky. The later I fight against giving my consent to that receiving.

Writing my story, Coming Home:  A Love Story, taught me the love, the honor, and the glory within all ACCEPTANCE.  Whether we know it or not, believe it or not, trust it or not…any form of receiving will ALWAYS be a blessing.  Sometimes those blessings are hidden in the dark, in the uncomfortable and in the icky.

 There is a song by Laura Story called Blessings.  She sings,

“…what if your blessings come through raindrops, what if your healing comes through tears, what if a thousand sleepless nights are what it takes to know you’re near, and what if trials of this life are your mercies in disguise.”


Not all blessings bestowed upon us and for us will come in pretty wrapped packages with sparkly ribbon. Some will come in trash bags and feel like a pile of “shit.”


There were so many tearful moments as I wrote the story and connected the dots of my experiences to lessons learned and AHA moments.  There were sleepless nights and struggles I had to work through as the words fell out onto the page. Each one was a choice to give consent and receive whatever the experience and moment had for me or hold back.


ACCEPTANCE is a choice and a willingness to be who you are in whatever is showing up in your life and RECEIVE it whole-heartedly.  ACCEPTANCE is a hug, gentle words of encouragement, motivation to keep going, inspiration through those hurdles and ALWAYS a blessings.

 Whether you are in the midst of bumps and bruises or you simple are fighting what is, I hope you know (in your heart and soul) that YOU are stronger than you think, braver than you feel, wiser than you know, and have more support than you ever dreamed was possible.  This Universe, our Universe, will ALWAYS help you, honor you and give you what will be for your highest and best good.


ACCEPTANCE is your vehicle for all your dreams to come true.


Need a nudge?


Wish upon a star

 Focus upon your heart and know what your intention is for everything you are and everything you do.  That wish, that desire, that intention is your lifeline.  Hold onto it!  When the bumps and bruises come your way, accept them while you grab tightly to your wish upon a star.  THAT is how you make your way to the blessings.

Plug in

 Our natural response to something scary, frightening and unknown is to run. DO NOT RUN. Instead, get connected to that force bigger than you. I call it God.  Stay linked to that power.  It will be your fuel so that you can ACCEPT what is.


The harder an experience or person is to accept, the grander the lesson.


Keep learning my friend!  Keep receiving! Keep accepting!

 It is a way of consciously living life!!





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