Day #6 of Learn with Me

Do you believe opposites attract?

 Difference…separation…duality…conflict…polarity…whatever you call it, our world is made up of opposites.

 Think about it.

 We have right and wrong, yes and no, good and evil, light and dark, and with or without.  It’s everywhere. Even the most natural existence has its level of opposite:  growth or death.

 My experience has taught me that life is not so expansive if we stay in the opposite end of everything.  Life happens in the messy in-between those opposites.

 For now, let’s just stay in the opposites as I share my biggest lesson ever!


Growing up in the Catholic faith and even attending Catholic school until 8th grade, I was sanctioned in the right and wrong.  Especially as I attended confession and mass weekly. Everything was right or wrong. And this fundamental chastisement flourished into me believing EVERYTHING in life was right or wrong.

 It wasn’t until I was working in my first job, dating and getting ready to be married that I began to get a quite different view of “the way life is”.  This new perspective was life-altering in a VERY painful way.  In fact, looking back on my life, most of my biggest AHA (a holy awakening) moments were painful at first.


The polarity that exists in learning is credited to the way we must, as humans,  have an integration of such wisdom and knowledge in order for it to become who we are.

Writing Coming Home:  A Love Story (available on Amazon) awakened me to the philosophy of with or without.  A part of that story even shares how I had moved so far away from having God in my life and the huge realization of getting God back into my every day living.

 As the story began to unfold and as I was writing that which was most sacred in my heart and soul, there was an exponential amount of faith that had to come along in that writing process. I had a ritual every time I sat in front of my laptop and began dissecting the experiences for the lessons, I would call out, “TGIF.”


Day #6 Learn with Me is TGIF – Take God in Faith.


TGIF  (Take God in Faith) became my mantra as I wrote because I needed to believe that God was with me ALWAYS, that God with me was an act of FAITH, and having God by my side meant I could rely on FAITH ALWAYS.

Little by little, every aspect of my life began to include TGIF (I mean can it not be Friday everyday?).

I totally get if your God is nature, the Universe, love, the heart, Buddha, light, higher consciousness or whatever you deem is your higher power, that force that is bigger than all other forces.  The importance is not what you call your sacred partner.  The real calling is having a sacred partner and you believing that sacred partner is ALWAYS with you and your FAITH in that is solidly strong.


For me, when it comes to God, there is no opposite.  It’s a hell yes to the ‘with God


TGIF allowed me that safety net to feel, dream, release, and fly. There was a grander sense of purpose and meaning to each little or big moment.  I began to see clearer and hear better.  I was able to resist little and open up to more…so much more.

The discerning process of decision making became a whole body experience as I TGIF’d each challenge that came about in my day to day.


“Think higher.  Feel deeper.” – Ellie Wiesel.


TGIF was the process of going higher when life happened, going higher when life was good, and going higher when life was me to stand up for me. And as I went higher, I was able to have a whole body experience unlike anything I have ever known.  The craving for ore of that feeling became the tonic that my body needed to exist.

Feeling my way through life in a higher way forced me to awaken a slumbered part of my…my soul woke up. 


TGIF brought me home.  With God was the only way for me to live fully.


Do you want that kind of fun and joy?

You can ya’ know.  It’s available for you!  And, honey you deserve TGIF ALWAYS!!


Here’s my secret for taking God with me –


A something.

I use something to help me remember is the tapestry of daily living that he is WITH me.  It might be a quote that I write on a post-it.  It might be a crystal that resonates with me.  It might be a pretty object or accessory. It might be a picture. 

When a moment happens, I go for the something and feel it.  Feeling it sends me straight to the knowing that God is with me.  As I link the two together, faith is restored.

Think about it, it becomes the same feeling that results on a Friday afternoon when the work week is over and you are relaxing and enjoying your moment.  That is the exact feeling of ‘taking God in faith.


Our faith lessens when we are in fear.  Anytime you can get that odometer reading of your faith back to full again, that is when the magic of life unravels. 


Find your something and use it to keep you with God always.

TGIF every day!











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