Do you have a story to share with the world?

Let the “write “ mentor – hey that’s me!- help you write soul-full-y. 

When I am writing, I allow my intuitive style to heart-speak with compassion, kindness and joy and my soul comes alive!   I can help you learn to do this too!!

I was not the same person when I finished writing my story as I was when I began the journey. Writing your story IS a journey. Vulnerable. Courage.  As a published writer, I know first-hand  about the exhilaration and the doubt,  about the unexpected detours, and how challenging it can be to navigate the journey alone. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO GO ALONE!

I am here for you!

Writing your story is a way of sharing your soul with the world!


Own your story. Own your life.

Write your story. Write your life.


Let me help you with the writing process and the journey of awakening your soul!  Whether you want to write a blog, write a speech or write a book, I offer you mentoring support and guidance.

As I was writing my book, there was transformational healing that happened as the words within me fell onto the paper. I released blocks and emotions that had been stuck inside of me for years. Many I wasn’t even aware were still there.

Even now as I write my weekly blogs, the healing process is revolutionary and deeply inspiring. Every time I allow the words – my heart and soul speaking – to be set free within the framework of a story to share, I find myself being liberated.  It is a deeply spiritual way of consciously living a life of joy.


THIS can be your experience as well!


You have a purpose to share with the world. YOU are here to share your story, your inspiration and your gifts with the world!  The time is NOW to make it happen!

Owning your story and sharing your story  helps  to change the world.  Courage up! Brave up! Show up and conquer the world…one story at a time.

Soul to Sole is the “write” mentoring support for YOU!    I will hold your hand as you write, hold space as you transform, and help you own your story, so you can own your life.

I never thought of myself as a writer until I started writing. Just writing helps to build the confidence to write. I am here to support YOU becoming all YOU were meant to be – YOUR SOLE PURPOSE!

With over 27 years of writing content and helping others learn, communicate and speak in engaging ways, my unique style captivates an audience to think with new perspective and laugh.  I know how to enlighten a challenging concept with humor and wisdom.

intuitive mentoring
intuitive mentoring

Why work with me?

➤ I am a storyteller. My gift is to take the ordinary moment or experience and  bring it to life soulfully. 

➤ Speaking, talking, teaching and inviting others to learn are my soul purpose.

➤ I have over 25 years of mentoring others like you! I have been blogging, emailing ideas, reflections, and feedback to clients for 18 years.

➤ I have 20 years of teaching others how to become their best version and writing curriculum and reports that support their learning.

➤ I wrote my 1st book in 2017 – Coming Home: A Love Story.

Soul to Sole is hand and heart experience.  

I hold your hand so that your heart and soul can speak to the world.  The world is waiting to hear from you!



➤ The “write” mentor for blogging, newsletter, and social media support.

➤ A 3-month GET YOU STARTED mentoring package that includes –

  • 1 60-minute design session – molding stories to fit your message

  • Feedback on content up to 1500 words weekly

  • 2 day turn-a-round time  - you submit to me and I have it back to you in 2 days so you can use it weekly.

  • Weekly 30-minute feedback sessions

➤ $4400.00


➤ The “write” mentor for crafting your story to share with an audience.

➤ A 3-month GET YOU READY mentoring package that includes –

  • 1-60 minute strategy session to determine the intention of your talk – what stories to use and what message to deliver (this is a highly creative session)

  • 4-50 minute feedback sessions prior to your event.

  • Tools for optimizing your performance.

  • 3 lite edits for message delivery.

➤ $3000.00

Write YOU*

➤ The “write” mentor for writing your book.

➤ A 3-month GET YOUR BOOK WRITTEN mentoring package that includes –

  • 1-90 minute strategy session (We will bring to life your book idea, craft your fluid outline, brainstorm titles, and define your audience)

  • 12 45-minute mentoring calls to keep the writing journey moving forward.

  • Weekly written feedback on manuscript up to 4500 words per week.

➤ $5000.00

 Write YOU 2*

➤ The Write YOU 3-month GET YOUR BOOK WRITTEN package


  • 2 rounds of copyediting

  • Proofreading

  • 2 60-minute support calls

➤ $6200.00

*Manuscripts up to 50K words.

Schedule a clarity call today and let’s get YOU soul-FULL-y living life with JOY!