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“Kristi brings a wealth of resources and knowledge AND is a fantastically funny, positive & passionate speaker. She has been a consistent and trusted resource. Thanks to Kristi, I not only think about not what kind of community we are building, but what kind of world we are building.”
Kristi’s life passion is to be of service and to help others live an authentic life full of love, compassion and joy. With profound wisdom and understanding, she has supported me countless times in my journey to becoming a more present and conscious parent. Kristi gets to the heart of the matter, and helps me see the lessons that are mine to learn. I’m forever grateful for the difference she has made in my life, and thus the life of my family.
— Cathy M. – Chesterfield, MO
Kristi is an inspirational speaker who engages the audience from the beginning. Her greatest attribute is her natural ability to highlight strengths and uncover weaknesses in order to improve. She possesses the vision, the passion and the energy to make a lasting and positive difference in the people she serves.
— Katie M. – St. Charles, MO
Working with Kristi was such a joy.
I was at a point in my life, when I felt I was frozen. I really wanted to move forward on my life path, but something was definitely standing between me and my goals. I just had no idea of what IT was, how It got there, or how I was going to move past IT.

Kristi was able to help me identify IT. IT was a deeply seeded fear I had carried with me since my birth. Amazingly, she not only helped me to see how this fear had become embedded in my life, but how I could deal with it and dissolve IT. My life is now filled with so much joy, laughter and love that it is hard to believe I am the same person.

Thank you Kristi!!! If I ever find myself lost and confused again, I will be calling on you for your help and intuitive guidance.
Forever Grateful,
— Jackie, Eureka, MO